9.2.8. Development of the PMHC Minimum Data Set Stage Two When is Stage Two of development going to be implemented?

Stage Two development has been split into several components as outlined below:

Regularly check the announcements on the PMHC MDS homepage to remain informed about development releases. Data Entry Interface

The remaining features will be rolled out iteratively over the following months, and will be:

  • Develop pre-filled fields for interrelated field specifications
  • An Online K5, K10+, and SDQ Outcome Measures Self-Service Interface (OMSSS)

Regularly check the announcements on the PMHC MDS home page to remain informed. Reporting

The Department will consider local PHN reporting requirements in the next phase of reviewing current reporting functionality.

The Types of Standard reports that are currently available are:

  • Category A: Monitoring progress of MDS implementation
  • Category B: Monitoring overall service delivery
  • Category C: Monitoring implementation of stepped care
  • Category D reports: Key Performance Indicators
  • Category E: Reports for data managers to monitor data supply

Regularly check the announcements on the PMHC MDS home page to remain informed on development updates. Master Client Index

Current development for the master client index is on hold.

Refer to the recent Department announcement on the INFORMATION and ACTION: PHN CEO - Primary Mental Health Care Minimum Data Set Update | June 21, 2017. Suggesting changes

In late 2018, the Department of Health reinstated the Primary Mental Health Care Data Reference Group (PMHCDRG) to assist them with reviewing and prioritising future PMHC MDS changes.

The PMHC Helpdesk often receives suggestions for changes to the current PMHC MDS specifications and/or functionality, however, the Department would like all suggestions to be formalised and to now go through PMHCDRG.

To assist you with the process of explaining your issue to the Department, please find an example paper that Brisbane North produced that you can use as a best practice sample - Brisbane North PHN Example Paper.

Logicly are happy to provide comment on your paper before you formally submit it. To request this, please contact the PMHC Helpdesk at support@pmhc-mds.com.

Final papers should be submitted directly to the Department of Health at MentalHealthData@health.gov.au. However, we would appreciate it if you could copy in the PMHC Helpdesk whenever possible.