2. Home

To use the PMHC MDS navigate to https://pmhc-mds.net.

The first page you will see is the Home page. The home page shows you the most recent announcements made via the PMHC mailing list.

PMHC MDS Home Page

An announcements archive link is now available on the Home tab under the three most recent announcements - Click View Archive to view all the PMHC MDS announcements.

2.1. Accepting an invitation to become a PMHC MDS User

To become a PMHC MDS user you will be sent an invitation by email and a verification code via SMS. In order to gain access to the PMHC MDS you will need to accept this invitation within 7 days, by following these steps:

PMHC MDS Invitation Email
  1. Click on the link contained in the email. You will be shown a page where you will need to input the SMS you have been sent

    PMHC MDS Verify User
  2. Input your verification code

  3. Click Submit

  4. You will be prompted to enter a new password

Please note: This is a single use token - please don’t navigate away from this page until you have successfully set your password.

PMHC MDS Activate Account
  1. Enter your password

  2. Confirm your password

  3. Click Submit

  4. Your account will be activated

    PMHC MDS Account Activated
  5. Navigate to https://pmhc-mds.net/ and follow the Logging In instructions

2.2. Logging In

After navigating to https://pmhc-mds.net/, click Sign in.


This will open a window to log in. Enter your email address or username and then your password and click Sign in.

If it is your first time logging in, you will be asked to set a backup email address.

PMHC MDS Backup Email

The backup email address is used when resetting your password. If you forget your password an email is sent to both your primary email address and your backup email address. This allows you to regain access to your account in the event that you no longer have access to your primary email address.

  1. Click Set a backup email now

  2. This will open the Manage details page

    PMHC MDS Setting Backup Email
  3. Under Manage Security Credentials there is an ‘Email address’ field

  4. Enter your backup email, in the email address field, under Manage Security Credentials

  5. Click Submit

    PMHC MDS Backup Email Success message
  6. You now need to confirm your email address. You will be sent an email to the address you specified and an SMS to the mobile phone number on record. Please follow the link in the email and enter the code that was sent to your mobile

    PMHC MDS User Verification
  7. Click Submit

  8. Your backup email is now confirmed

    PMHC MDS Confirm Update Email
  9. Navigate back to https://pmhc-mds.net/ and sign in

  10. The interface you will be able to access after login will depend upon the Users Roles you have been assigned

2.3. Logging Out

Logout by:

  1. Clicking on the button to the right of the menubar that says Logged in as [Name]
  2. Click Logout from the options that open

We strongly encourage users to logout when they have completed their tasks.

Please note - the PMHC MDS will automatically log users out after 15 minutes of inactivity. You will see a pop up box that provides a countdown feature prior to automatically logging out the idle user.

PMHC MDS Auto Log Out

2.4. Updating your details

To edit your details:

  1. Click the button to the right of the menubar that says Logged in as [Name]
  2. From the menu that opens, click Profile
  3. You will be taken to the Profile Management page
  4. Login using your PMHC MDS email / username and password
PMHC MDS Manage Details
  1. You will see the Manage Details page

    PMHC MDS Manage Details
  2. To update your name, click the Change personal details link

  3. To update your primary email address, click the Change email address link

  4. To update your backup email address, click the Change backup email address link

  5. To update your mobile phone number, click the Change mobile phone number


  6. The last section on the page, Password lifetime, tells you when you last changed your password and when it will expire. Passwords must be changed every three months