9.2.5. Checking data Who should be checking data?

Each individual organisation is responsible for checking their data in the MDS to confirm its accuracy and completion. It is advisable that this review is undertaken regularly to ensure data integrity and avoid widespread errors. How can I run a report?

If you can see the reports tab you will be able to run a report.

Refer to Reports. How can I view the rules of a report?

Each report has its own rules. If you are not sure what data is displayed in a report, please click on the ‘Counting Rules Explained’ link displayed after running a report.

Refer to How to produce a Standard report. What are the types of system reports?

The reports are grouped into different categories, each designed to serve different purposes.

Refer to Types of Standard reports How can I view all data?

To access your data in full, you can download your data.

Refer to Data Extract.