9.1.7. Questions about Implementation and Support Support to developers Will the Department be providing further support to system developers to ensure that they are able to develop their clinical systems in line with the revised MDS specification?

System developers will have access to the following resources:

  • API documentation online
  • Test accounts on both staging and production systems
  • Offline data validation for ease of testing extracted datasets
  • Access to help desk via e-mail. Telephone support will be provided where the issue can’t be resolved via email
  • Developer announcement mailing list to notify developers of pending changes and issues Staging: We would seek assurance from the Department that there is sufficient lead time for system developers to refine systems in line with these new requirements.

The Department is aware that developers will need sufficient lead time to make the required system changes and/or additions.

PMHC MDS upload functionality will be separate from the existing ATAPS/MHSRRA MDS. During this initial stage the existing ATAPS/MHSRRA MDS will be kept operational so that ATAPS/MHSRRA organisations can continue to provide data through that system until they are either ready to export data to the new upload interface or until the new data entry interface is available after a later stage of development. Once all ATAPS/MHSRRA organisations are submitting data to the PMHC MDS, the ATAPS/MHSRRA MDS will be shut down. This date has not yet been specified.

Data for services other than ATAPS/MHSRRA will have to be submitted via the PMHC MDS interface.

Organisations should only submit data via one interface, not both.

Data submitted via the existing ATAPS/MHSRRA MDS will be converted and merged with data submitted via the PMHC MDS in order to produce departmental reports. Is year one a baseline data gathering year as opposed to there being any expectation to manage providers against levels of activity not fully understood due to the extended MDS requirements?

The Department is aware that 2016-17 is a transitional year and will not provide sufficiently comprehensive data to serve as a baseline for monitoring future activity. 2017-18 is expected to serve as the baseline year for comprehensive data collection. Support to PHNs to engage providers Can the Department offer assistance to PHNs in terms of creation of a spreadsheet suitable for storing and uploading collected data

Yes – Excel data entry templates for submission are provided on the PMHC MDS website. Visit Upload Specifications File format. PHNs would desirably see the actual mechanics of the MDS hands-on prior to wider release. Successful roll-out will depend on how well PHNs are able to communicate and support providers. We suggest the department conducts PHN specific webinars and training for key nominated staff

Online support documentation is currently being created around the data specification and online portal. In addition, the Department is currently in negotiations with external providers to supply ongoing support and training for the system. Further details of these arrangements will be made available subsequent to the finalisation of these arrangements. Data capture via the web-based portal With the data being submitted via the web based portal – does the web based portal also allow PHN’s to use this as their data capture tool as well?

During the initial stage of implementing the PMHC MDS, PHNs and their service providers will be able to either export data from their client systems and upload to the PMHC MDS or manually create spreadsheets that can then be uploaded. Data may be uploaded in either Excel or CSV format.

During phase 2 a full data entry capacity will be added. This is expected to be ready for the 2017-18 financial year.