Access & Passwords

The Way Back (TWB) is an extension of the Primary Mental Health Care Minimum Data Set (PMHC MDS); current PMHC MDS online User Guide is available to be viewed for the following information.


Each individual staff member should be set up with their own unique login access. User accounts can be created by a user at your provider organisation, or PHN, who has the User Management role. If unsure who this is, please contact to find out who has this access.

Information on ‘Accepting an invitation to become a PMHC MDS User’, ‘Logging In’, and ‘Logging Out’, and ‘Updating your details’, is available at


Password information, including ‘Passwords Requirements’, ‘Password Expiry Notifications’, and ‘Forgotten or Expired Password’, is available at

MDS Roles available for TWB Users

Access to the PMHC MDS is based around roles. What users see once they are logged in will depend upon what roles they have been assigned. The roles that currently exist within the PMHC MDS, is available at

The Way Back (TWB) extension will be available on the following roles through the next stages of development:

TWB Development Stage Role Tasks allowed
Stage One - TWB released Upload A user with the Upload role can upload PMHC & TWB data to the associated organisation.
Stage Two - TWB released Data Entry A user with the Data Entry role can enter PMHC data from the associated organisation. See Identifying TWB-Episode data records
Stage Three - TWB under development Reporting A user with the Reporting role can run PMHC reports and download PMHC data from the associated organisation. TWB Reports are under development.