The Way Back Support Services (‘The Way Back’) Data Dictionary details the data concepts, elements and conditions intended to guide the data collection and reporting of the service at all levels. The dictionary is intended to provide guidance on the key data to be collected in relation to the service. The audience for The Way Back Data Guidelines includes:

  • Primary Health Networks

  • Funded organisations who deliver The Way Back Support Service

  • Local Hospital Networks/Divisions and Community Mental Health Services as referrers to The Way Back Support Service

  • Software vendors, who develop and provide software solutions utilised by funded organisations to collect, store and report The Way Back activity.

  • Commonwealth, State and Territory Department of Health (and Human Services) staff (data collection and program managers) responsible for the development and management of data collections and associated documentation.

The Way Back Data Guidelines is comprised of two parts:

  • Section 2 lists the data elements from the existing Primary Mental Health Care Minimum Data Set (PMHC MDS) which will be collected for The Way Back.

  • Section 3 details the additional supplementary data elements which are specific to The Way Back including their definition, attributes, reporting requirements and guide for use.

Data release and confidentiality

All data collection and reporting requirements are required to comply with relevant Commonwealth, State and Territory Information Privacy and Health Records regulations. Clients will be informed that some de-identified portions of the information collected through The Way Back Support Service will be utilised for Commonwealth, State and Territory planning and statistical purposes. Appropriate consent and ethics approval processes will be adhered to.