9. SLK

We have provided a stand-alone generator that can be used without logging into the PMHC MDS on https://pmhc-mds.net. This allows users to generate a client’s Statistical Linkage Key (SLK) to enter into upload files.

PMHC MDS SLK Generator

In order to generate an SLK:

  1. Navigate to the ‘SLK’ tab. This will open up the SLK generator.
  2. Enter the following client details: Given Name, Surname, Date of Birth and Gender.
  3. Click on the blue ‘Generate Key’ button.
PMHC MDS Generated SLK

The client’s ‘SLK Key’ and ‘Generated Hash’ key will now be displayed.

  1. Click ‘Copy to clipboard’ next to either of these items.
  2. Paste this information into your data file.

Please note: you can only copy one SLK at a time to the clipboard.