1. Reporting arrangements

1.1. Uploading data

During the initial stage of implementing the PMHC MDS, PHNs and their service providers will be able to either export data from their client systems and upload to the PMHC MDS or manually create spreadsheets that can then be uploaded.

The system is able to accept data for any period, either in its entirety or partially. Please note the section below regarding timeliness.

Accepting data for any period allows organisations to upload corrections when erroneous data has been identified. Allowing partial uploads allows for submission of data by separate providers without the need for the PHN to aggregate all data prior to upload.

Where associated unique keys match (e.g. Patient Key or Episode Key) these records will be replaced, if the key is new, a new record will be created.

Data may be uploaded in either Excel or CSV format.

1.2. Reporting timeliness

Records must be reported to the MDS within 31 days of the activity which generated them. For example if a client was added to the system on the 12th of November 2016 their client record must be added to the MDS on or before the 13th of December 2016. Similarly, if a service contact occurred on that date, the data associated with that contact must be submitted to the MDS by 13th of December 2016 also.

The Department accesses information within the MDS for internal planning and governance purposes therefore data in the MDS needs to be current to ensure the accuracy of the data produced for the Department.

1.3. Transition arrangements

PMHC MDS upload functionality will be separate from the existing ATAPS/MHSRRA MDS. During this initial stage the existing ATAPS/MHSRRA MDS will be kept operational so that ATAPS/MHSRRA organisations can continue to provide data through that system until they are either ready to export data to the new upload interface or until the new data entry interface is available after a later stage of development. Once all ATAPS/MHSRRA organisations are submitting data to the PMHC MDS the ATAPS/MHSRRA MDS will be shut down.

Data for programmes other than ATAPS/MHSRRA will have to be submitted via the PMHC MDS interface.

Organisations should only submit data via one interface, not both.

Data submitted via the existing ATAPS/MHSRRA MDS will be converted and merged with data submitted via the PMHC MDS in order to produce departmental reports.

Transitional Reporting Process

Fig. 1.1 Transitional Reporting Process

1.3.1. Transition to Full Compliance

Refer to the recent Department announcement on the INFORMATION and ACTION: PHN CEO - Primary Mental Health Care Minimum Data Set Update | June 21, 2017.

1.4. Support arrangements

Once the upload specification has been released, support will be available to PHNs and their third party developers to assist with implementing upload facilities in existing client management systems. For those PHNs who do not upload via a client management system, documentation and support will be available to manually create spreadsheets. Once the upload system goes live in October support will be available to assist with uploading data.