1. Introduction

This data specification is to be used to send invitations to complete a YES-PHN survey to clients who have completed an episode of care in the PMHC MDS within a specified time period.

The Tools: YES-PHN Download Completed Episodes report within the PMHC MDS can be used to extract a spreadsheet in the format defined in this specification. The PMHC MDS will populate all columns in the spreadsheet except for the mobile phone number and email address of the client.

Once the spreadsheet has been downloaded an organisational user can fill in either the mobile phone number or email address for each client. In order for an invitation to be sent at least one of mobile phone number or email address must be provided.

After filling in the information, the user can re-upload the file to the PMHC MDS. The PMHC MDS has been integrated with the OMSSS. The PMHC MDS will request OMSSS send invitations to each client to fill in a YES-PHN survey.