PMHC MDS Documentation

User Documentation

The PMHC MDS online User Documentation provides MDS users with online guidance on how to navigate and use the MDS once they have been granted access and assigned user roles at an organisation in the MDS.

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Data Specifications

The PMHC MDS Data Specification documentation site defines what data items are collected in the PMHC MDS, what file formats are accepted for upload and associated reporting requirements.

As of 1 July 2019, the PMHC MDS will accept uploads in both the current version 2 format and the old version 1 format. (read more…) The old version 1 format has been marked for end-of-life on 30th June 2020. After this date uploads will no longer be accepted in this format.

Current Version (As of 1 July 2019)

Unsupported versions

  • Version 1 (Not supported as of 1st July 2020)

PMHC MDS Extensions

The PMHC MDS has been extended to allow data collection for specific programs. These specifications are only to be used if your organisation is providing services under the program.

Current Extension Versions

Extension Version Release date
headspace Version 2 12 August 2020
HeadtoHelp Version 3 22 December 2020
The Way Back Support Service Version 3 17 August 2020

Unsupported Extension Versions

Extension Version End of life date
National Suicide Prevention Trial (NSPT) Version 2 1 November 2020

Meta Download format

The Data Extract tab includes a checkbox to include data from all specifications. This downloads a file that is a combination of all the extensions listed above. The resulting file cannot be uploaded. This is a download only format. It is based on the most recent version used by either the core specification or an extension.